[fedora-arm] adding fake-kernel to repository

Jon Masters jcm at redhat.com
Wed Jun 8 19:09:55 UTC 2011

On Wed, 2011-06-08 at 14:59 -0400, Kyle McMartin wrote:

> I'll be posting the split out kernel-noarch spec this week, which should
> rectify building kernel-doc and kernel-headers, without needing to go
> through the half-hearted rigamarole to do it now.

Great! Also +1 to considering the fake deps subpackage in there.

> We can probably cram the fake kernel crud in there for you, but I
> definitely don't want it in the main kernel spec. I also don't really
> know why you don't just build your sub-arch kernels as packages in your
> secondary build system until you get promoted, but that's your decision...

There are kernel packages being built in the ARM koji and more work will
be done, but it's not as straightforward (yet) as building a single RPM
package for all possible ARM systems people might choose to use. Until
that point, there will be people who can't install the standard kernel
package, need to build their own, and just want the dependencies. Like I
said, most of the main systems will be supportable in a single kernel
RPM in due course, and we can come asking about config changes, etc.
that we need later on to roll this back into the standard kernel.

Another question for you, related to this. David Marlin (dmarlin) is
currently working on the OMAP kernel packages. He's based his SPEC and
sources on F15 and the plan is to basically track the F15 kernel until
such time as we're ready to ask to integrate whatever will be integrated
back into the official kernel package. He's looking at using split-out
kernel config files - can I point him to you and get you to help him
figure out how those work? (he wants to make sure he's able to
regenerate the config files and merge for building, etc.)


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