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martin dingwa mdingwa at
Sun Aug 1 12:43:00 UTC 2010

I have an hp Compaq 6720s laptop, with dual boot Fedora 13 and Win Xp.
All was working very well, Win xp is working well. I used to hibernate
and resume very well until one day it hangs on resume after
hibernation. I have tried to switch the latop off and on but still it
hangs on the logon window. Win XP is working well.  How can I recover
from this problem, at least to have my current installation working, I
did put a lot of time to have many application working. I cannot
afford to resinstall the OS. I have the live CD but I do not know how
I can use it recover or restore to have the OS on the laptop to
function again. Please help.

Martin Dingwa
Mobile : +263 91 2881398
Phone : +263 4 704133

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