Netbook emergency router; default route question

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Fri Apr 6 18:36:29 UTC 2012

For proxy server i use Squid and i not have any problem!if you look about
this you can find many tutorial for the configuration

in your problem now......i thing you must use proxy address the address you
have in network interface and the tinyproxy port

if your NIC have you must put this address as proxy server an
use the 80 port i thing!

**Dimitris Glaros
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On Fri, Apr 6, 2012 at 5:29 PM, Ron Leach <ronleach at> wrote:

> Using AspireOne netbook as a (temporary) replacement internet gateway
> router, combined with a proxy server.
> Due to the layout of the building, using wlan0 as the connection to the
> internet (ADSL wireless router), and using wired eth0 port to serve the
> local network clients.  The intention is that clients will use the netbook
> as their gateway, through eth0, and the netbook will masquerade their
> traffic and then onward route to the internet over the wlan port.  Simple,
> basic, router, set up with system-config-firewall to masquerade eth0, the
> local net traffic [].
> The proxy server is needed so that some applications on other systems can
> temporarily route their traffic through the netbook, without having to
> reconfigure the default route settings on their hosts. Installed tinyproxy
> to do this.
> But tinyproxy, though configured to send outbound traffic to the address
> of the ADSL router [], appears to be placing its outbound
> traffic on eth0, not on wlan0.  Actually, tinyproxy doesn't 'know' about
> ports, only addresses, so it is the netbook that is placing traffic for the
> ADSL router back onto the local net, instead of on wlan0.  I'm guessing,
> but I wonder if the default route is (for some reason) set to be reached
> using eth0 instead of wlan0.
> Using network manager applet, I can see that both eth0 and wlan0 have
> default gateways and (of course) these are different because the two ports
> are on entirely different networks.
> How do people check the default route?
> Grateful for any advice,
> regards, Ron
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