[Fedora-legal-list] Embargoed countries IRC support policy

Jonathan Dieter jdieter at lesbg.com
Wed Jul 7 06:57:35 UTC 2010

On Tue, 2010-07-06 at 09:29 -0400, Tom "spot" Callaway wrote:
> Accordingly, the Fedora Policy is as follows:
> * The Fedora IRC channels (on Freenode) is not an official support
> channel of Red Hat. Any advice you read in those channels is provided by
> individual community members. You should use it at your OWN RISK. This
> advice is owned by each individual, and does NOT represent the views of
> Freenode, Fedora or Red Hat.
> * Participants on Fedora IRC should not feel obligated to make any
> attempt to determine the nationality of participants.
> * Red Hat employees must not offer advice or assistance to individuals
> on IRC who explicitly identify themselves as being from an embargoed
> nation, or otherwise under US embargo. They can contact Red Hat Legal
> for more information.
> * All non Red Hat employees who are participants on IRC are acting
> independently, and are in no way acting as agents of Red Hat.

Thank you.  This answers my question.

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