[Fedora-legal-list] Usage of auto translate

noriko noriko at fedoraproject.org
Mon May 9 02:54:41 UTC 2011


FLP are now working the translation for both software, documentation and 
web at Transifex.net. On this interface, 'auto translate' function is 
available. I've been told that the result translation of this function 
comes from Google API.

Doesn't it violate any copy right at all, if entire guide or some part 
of a guide or a full sentence in a guide uses precisely exact copy of 
the auto translated string(s)? Can we safely utilize this function in full?

It is reported from some community members that no clear information can 
be found on Google site, as well no clear information on re-use of the 
result from such API can be found in the copyright law in Japan.

Could you please provide any good advise on this?

[How to reproduce]
1. Log in tx.net -> click any module -> click translate now
2. Move the cursor over between 'Source String' and 'Translation'
3. Click 'auto translate' button
4. The 'Translation' field is automatically filled with translated 


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