[Fedora-livecd-list] Cannot create livecd from local repo

Jerry Vonau jvonau at shaw.ca
Sat Feb 21 19:51:58 UTC 2009

On Fri, 2009-02-20 at 17:52 -0500, Joshua C. wrote:
> I cannot create a livecd image from a local repo. I have
> livecd-creator and all the ks files. I've downloaded all necessary
> files to a local dir (just copied them from previous downloaded cache)
> and then run createrepo on it. Then I edited the ks file with "repo
> --name=jdfhjdsfh --baseurl=file:///mnt/path to repodata". When
> starting livecd-creator it says "retrieving file=///mnt/dsfgsdhfshf
> ...OK", then it retrieves the repofiles for the other repos and starts
> downloading all the files again regardless of the fact that I've
> already downloaded them.
> How to make livecd-creator see the already downloaded files instead of
> downloading them twice?

Repos are assigned a cost of 1000 by default, with repos having a lower
cost being favored over higher cost ones, try appending --cost= to your
local repo string.


repo --name=jdfhjdsfh --baseurl=file:///mnt/path --cost=500


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