[Fedora-livecd-list] livecd-creator used to work on centos 5, now giving "syslinux not installed" error

Patrice Guay patrice.guay at nanotechnologies.qc.ca
Tue Sep 1 19:07:45 UTC 2009

Peter Scheie wrote:
> Here's the command I used:
> LANG=C livecd-creator --config=centos-livecd-minimal.ks
> --fslabel=CentOS-minimal
> [...] I got the following error:
> Error creating Live CD : syslinux not installed : no suitable *menu.c32
> found
> I tried it at home as well and got the same error.  I've got syslinux
> 3.36-4.2 installed, including menu.c32 and vesamenu.c32.  Any ideas as
> to what would have changed that would cause livecd-creator to break, or
> how to fix it?  

livecd-tools 014-4 will now look in both /usr/share/syslinux and 
/usr/lib/syslinux for menu.c32 and vesamenu.c32.

Make sure you use this version of livecd-tools and try again. If you 
still have problems, you can open a ticket on 

Patrice Guay

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