[Fedora-livecd-list] edit-livecd tool

David Huff dhuff at redhat.com
Tue Sep 22 19:31:05 UTC 2009

We have been working on a bash script used for opening up livecd images
to add and/or edit files with out having to rebuild the iso image.

This script is useful for people who don't have the development and yum
infrastructure/repos set up to build livecd's from scratch. This is
especially useful for custom livecd images, like the ovirt-node project[1].

We agree that changes to packaging and binaries should always be done by
modifying kickstart and rebuilding the image via livecd-creator.  But if
all you want to do is add/edit a config file, public key for SSH, or
change the root password this can be done with the edit-livecd script.

This is the second generation of the edit-livecd tool that replaces our
original bash script with a python version and aims to reuse as much as
the livecd-creator libraries as possible.  The main reason for the new
creator class is to avoid the need for a kisckstart file in order to
edit an existing livecd image.

I am Looking for comments and feedback on this approach.  We would
eventual like for something like this to be included in Livecd-tools,
and if this approach is accepted I will work to break this out into
smaller patches and submit to the list.


[1] http://ovirt.org

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