[Fedora-livecd-list] /dev/live, /mnt/live, LiveOS/home.img unavailable in Fedora-17

Frederick Grose fgrose at gmail.com
Mon Mar 26 16:02:22 UTC 2012

Please note that the current Fedora-17-Beta-TC2-Live images lack
some traditional Live CD/USB features.

See this bug report.

/dev/live was a link to the installation partition on the Live USB, such as
or /dev/sr0 on a Live CD/DVD.

How would a script determine this partition without human input?

/mnt/live was a convenient mounting of the installation partition
It allowed easy access to pre-existing content on the Live USB device or to
the /LiveOS and /syslinux directories.

The --home-size-mb NNN option of livecd-iso-to-disk produced a
filesystem for the liveuser's home directory.

This feature made possible the --encrypted-home option, which would secure
the privacy of a user directory on a Live USB system.

The home.img filesystem was also read/write/delete without consuming the
LiveOS overlay.  This is important for non-short-term Live USB deployments,
such as Sugar on a Stick, where overlay exhaustion can be a significant

Is there a workaround for these (missing) features?

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