Licensing problems, solution strategy

Simon Birtwistle simon at
Mon Aug 3 03:51:13 UTC 2009

> Simon, thanks very much for being around here.  I think *our* next
> action is described above -- commit to fixing these problems
> ourselves.  But if there's a general module maintainers list other
> than zikula-discussions to notify, maybe you could help us there.

Most module developers are on the zikula-discussions list already, those
that aren't are contactable through their project webpages.  These are
mostly hosted on - generally, check out the wiki homepage
for each project.
> Generally I think people on zikula-discussions agree that fixing
> licensing problems is good (albeit a royal pain).  However, I don't
> know that any of the maintainers themselves have agreed to work on
> these problems in a way that will accommodate our schedule -- which is
> perfectly understandable.  However, I'd like to at least pave the way
> for them to receive patches that will fix these problems upstream,
> since we try not to carry patches in Fedora for any longer than
> necessary.

Summer is usually a bad time to catch Zikula developers.  Normally we're all
out doing stuff in summer :)  If you add patches to a tracker though (and
especially with patches, rather than bugs) I would expect to see them merged
into the project's source control.  Alternatively, request access to the
project's source control - a lot of developers will be only too happy to
have a hand.

> Would we benefit from a blanket call for *anyone* in the Zikula
> community with PHP/JavaScript experience to help?  I'm not sure
> anyone's made that request yet, but if you put your weight behind it,
> we might have a bit more luck!

I can give it a go - I can't guarantee a good response rate at this time of
year though. How much help do you think you'll need?


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