Reminder: Zikula Meeting 2009-08-05 @ 15:00 UTC (11 AM EDT)

John Poelstra poelstra at
Mon Aug 3 23:15:05 UTC 2009

Zikula Meeting Agenda
15:00 UTC

== Last Meeting  ==

== Packaging Status Follow up ==
* '''ACTIONS:'''
** stickster to push zikula-module-News to stable
** stickster to resolve phpSmug naming, build and push
** Sparks to review license problems in scribite! to determine if he can
just remove the "broken" pieces.
** ke4qqq: review stickster's renamed packages
** ke4qqq will contact upstream authors of cc-licensed js by eow and see
if relicensing can happen.

== Information from ke4qqq ===
Found yet another bundled library in Zikula - phpmenulayers.
Fortunately this is already being packaged

However, phpmenulayers bundles the following library:

We may want to jump on that (esp since there are some relatively
automated spec building tools for pear packages.)

To my knowledge - everything not blocked on licensing has been
approved except zikula-module-mediashare. This was waiting on a number
of dependencies, (4 or 5, which have at least all been approved, if
not already built)
There may likewise be licensing issues, but if there are, we need to
get them in front of upstream and/or fixed by us asap.

=== Stuff blocked by licensing: ===

* zikula-module-menutree
Upstream said they were working on this, but I haven't heard anything
in a while.
Some of this is merely a set of icons, the one package with no
licensing information is problematic and we might need to see what we
can do with it/without it.
Let's ping upstream again on this issue as well

* zikula-module-mediaattach
Ian has really not even started packaging this one because he found so
many licensing issues.
I've notified upstream, but we may need to see what we can do to purge
some of this stuff.

* zikula-module-content
Lukas has this moving along - there is a licensing issue with lightboxXL.
I fired off an email re: relicensing/dual licensing to lightboxXL's
author on 22 June, but to date have received no response.
It might help if a native spanish speaker sent an email explaining the
situation, but it looks like this might have to get jettisoned which
might involve patching source.

DISCUSS: next actions and plans to resolve these blockers

== Test Instance ==
* '''ACTIONS''': Need to set a date to template the conf files for
puppet and create package lists, etc.

== Project Management ==
* '''ACTIONS''': Poelcat to work on creating draft schedule by the first
part of next week and follow through on coordinating finalizing it

== Draft Zikula Schedule ==
--Promised skeleton is below... Poelstra needs detailed tasks from all
the teams to fill in this schedule.  Suggest doing this with Gobby (and
possibly Fedora Talk) ASAP
* DISCUSS: set time and date using--

Packaging Modules                               Tue 2009-06-10         ???
   --when will we really be done?

Start Alpha Freeze                              Tue 2009-08-04      Tue

Alpha Public Availability                       Tue 2009-08-18      Tue

Test Instance "Go Live"                         Tue 2009-08-25      Tue

Performance Testing                             Wed 2009-08-26      Fri

Final (Beta) Freeze                             Tue 2009-09-22      Tue

Build Production Box                                 ???

Deploy Production Box                                ???

Beta Release Public Availability                Tue 2009-10-06      Tue

Zikula "Go Live" for F12 Release                      ???

GA Release                                       Tue 2009-11-03      Tue

== Next Meeting Date & Time ==
* Next Wednesday @ 15:00 UTC ?

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