Reminder: Zikula Meeting 2009-08-05 @ 15:00 UTC (11 AM EDT)

satya komaragiri satya.komaragiri at
Thu Aug 13 11:53:15 UTC 2009


>>> >
>>> > I'm sorry we haven't been able to get this onto the meeting agenda.  Do
>>> > we still need to discuss it?  Is there a bug to tracking its packaging?
>>> >
>>> > Thanks,
>>> > John

The goals were revised and it was decided that I first put up a
standalone demo where we can get enough feedback to make Beacon usable
and then concentrate on integrating it in Zikula and Publican.

The demo is up at

The login page requires the user's FAS account details.
It would be really nice if you could take some time to test it out and
give some feedback.

>>> Beacon is still in development so no bug has been filed for packaging.
>>>  Probably should make one so we don't forget about it.
>> Huh, I was sure that filing a package for review was early in the
>> process, but I don't see an obvious request filed.

I know this has been delayed quite a bit as I was having some trouble
with packaging it. Its almost done and I will submit the standalone
package for review by tonight.

> I'm not aware of any package for review as I don't think the software
> has been completed.
>>> Satya: Can you give the list an update and progress report on Beacon, please?
>> This is from last week to f-docs-l:
> Yeah, I'm hoping to have an update of this for tonight's meeting.

I tried to join the meeting today morning but I had some trouble
connecting with VoIP. I will mail in a detailed report once I am done
packaging. The demo is up so anyone can try it and give me some

>> We've had some changes this Summer with expectations for Beacon.  I
>> wanted to see it integrated with Zikula, but there can't be a
>> dependency between the two efforts.  My last recommendation, which
>> mainly concurred with Yaakov's, is to get Beacon running stand-alone
>> and integrated with FAS access to DocBook XML
>> sources.

The infra team sponsored me for sysadmin-test and I have been able to
set up the demo.


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