Zikula Meeting Recap 2009-08-12

Mel Chua mel at redhat.com
Thu Aug 13 05:50:14 UTC 2009

>> 9) Do we have a formal requirements for each of the groups?  If yes,
>> where are they documented?

FWIW, the current specs for Fedora Insight (from Marketing) are always 
up at 

Note that these specs haven't been prioritized/triaged yet, so it's 
possible we might be able to work with a super-minimalist zikula that 
could do just these three things:

* post articles to a permanent human-readable URL (like 
http://whatever-domain-name.org/yyyy/mm/dd/title-of-article, or any 
other standard schema Infrastructure might like)
* tag articles
* spit out feeds of articles (preferably one feed per tag + one feed 
with everything)

(and a 4th one, "look pretty." But I'm assuming that it's skinnable no 
matter what.)

I'm not very familiar with what zikula can do and so I'm a bit hazy on 
following the discussion on why it's a no-(definite)-go for F12, but if 
some group actively using a minimalistic zikula setup during F12 would 
be useful as a stepping-stone to getting the full list of requirements 
for docs.fp.o (and other instances) going for F13, we're happy to serve 
as guinea pigs. Might this be an option, or are the blockers things that 
won't go away if we scale down to getting up a much much simpler instance?


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