Zikula deployment date

Stanley, Jon Jon.Stanley at savvis.net
Sat Aug 15 01:23:57 UTC 2009

I'm out right now but we decided that as the docs CMS, Zikula won't make it for F12. Marketing would like to have something minimally function, but I'm not sure if that's Zikula or something else right now, frankly. 

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Do we have a solid date for when this is expected to be put into
production?  The Fedora Infrastructure schedule is tied, very closely to
the Fedora launch.  Note that we freeze two weeks prior to each

That means, as long as there's no slips, we will be frozen from September
8th through the 23rd as well as October 20th through the 4th.  Just a
warning from experience, these freeze zones really sneak up on you.  Also,
slips often get announced during one of our freeze periods so what starts
as a 2 week freeze, often ends up being a 3 or even 4 week slip.  Doing
the math that leaves very little time during these pre-release and final
release periods to get changes in.

I'd strongly recommend getting zikula deployed as soon as possible, we're
currently frozen for the alpha but we have a window from August 25th to
September 8th where we can do this if it's ready.  If not, we're pushing
_really close_ to that period of time that almost never goes according to

Also note the translation deadline is September 15th.  Not sure if we were
planning on having content that should be translated or not.

	-Mike, bringer of doom
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