Zikula deployment date

Simon Birtwistle simon at zikula.org
Mon Aug 17 22:34:01 UTC 2009

> If it's running to your satisfaction on publictest6, (ie, as far as
> you're concerned, if the software there can be run on production and
> only content that you write will be added), then it's probably time to
> get it into puppet and deployed to the staging environment.  Once
> that's done, mmcgrath will need to talk to you about what kind of load
> you expect to see and spend (I believe he thought about a week) making
> sure it will handle the number of users we expect to see.  And won't
> negatively impact other services at the same time.  If all of that can
> be done before two weeks from final freeze, we should be okay to get
> this in. Even better would be to get this running on staging before
> alpha is released so that we have the full time between alpha and final
> to work out any problems.

It would also be worth letting me give any Zikula instance the once over (in
consultation with mmcgrath) to ensure it's set up appropriately for the
user-load you expect and the sort of content you plan on serving.

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