Zikula deployment date

Mel Chua mel at redhat.com
Tue Aug 18 00:47:40 UTC 2009

On 08/17/2009 07:02 PM, Ricky Zhou wrote:
> On 2009-08-17 11:34:01 PM, Simon Birtwistle wrote:
>> It would also be worth letting me give any Zikula instance the once over (in
>> consultation with mmcgrath) to ensure it's set up appropriately for the
>> user-load you expect and the sort of content you plan on serving.
> Hey, that'd be great - the one thing I've told Mel so far is to set it
> up to use InnoDB for its database tables, but we'd love any other advice
> about how to set this up properly.

Thanks, Toshio and Simon (and Ricky for all your help and patience!) And 
a huge +1 to this. Advice and help is awesome.

 > I assume that once the system is running you still need to generate
 > content for it?  Or do we need to import content/copy a database?

There is no content to import and no database to copy - we'll be 
creating and posting all new materials from scratch.

 > If it's running to your satisfaction on publictest6, (ie, as far as
 > you're concerned, if the software there can be run on production and
 > only content that you write will be added), then it's probably time to
 > get it into puppet and deployed to the staging environment.

I'm hoping we'll be at this point in a week. (This may be overly 
ambitious. We *should* be here in 2 weeks at most.) We need to add in 
FAS auth (I'm doing that right now) and then spec out and test a 
workflow until we're happy with it (Robyn Bergeron is working on this).

 > done, mmcgrath will need to talk to you about what kind of load you
 > expect to see and spend (I believe he thought about a week) making
 > sure it will handle the number of users we expect to see.  And won't
 > negatively impact other services at the same time.

Ok - is there a good way to get an estimate for load other than "wellll, 
maybe something on the order of 

(This explanation of what to do and expect is incredibly helpful, btw - 

 > If all of that can be done before two weeks from final freeze, we
 > should be okay to get this in. Even better would be to get this
 > running on staging before alpha is released so that we have the full
 > time between alpha and final to work out any problems.

Ok - beta freeze is September 22, so two weeks before that gives us a 
September 8 deadline for absolutely-must-be-done, and an August 25 
(Alpha release - next week, whoa!) deadline for ideally-this-will-be-done.

Phew. That's tight. Lemme poke a bit at mapping out specs and a schedule 
(and installing fasauth) and I'll be back.

--Mel, who's trying to hand off let's-get-FI-up work as fast as possible 
because she's already spent twice as long on marketing stuff this week 
as she'd planned.

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