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2009/7/17 Máirín Duffy <duffy at>

> On Fri, 2009-07-17 at 10:25 -0400, Seth Vidal wrote:
> > Wouldn't it make better sense to simply have an aggregate of 'fedora
> > twits'  - I mean - other than the normal mailing lists and irc channels.
> > :)
> I get the feeling this is what the thing that's being proposed is,
> because the accounts can subscribe to the normal accounts and
> vice-versa. I think the benefits are:
> (1) One microblog planet that is based on membership in fedora without
> being dependent on those funky #tags or !groups that many people don't
> use. So you can follow the people in the Fedora community on one page /
> via one feed.
> (2) The main page for all the Fedora dents could be themed to appear as
> if it's another app in the Fedora set of web apps so we could get brand
> consistency.
> Concerns with the above:
> (1) If I'm subscribed to you on and I'm subscribed to the
> Fedora feed, will it be smart enough not to send me duplicate notices?
> Now that would be yucky.
> (2) Do individual feeds have RSS? If so, couldn't we just use
> planet to aggregate our feeds in this way? I guess this though
> definitely wouldn't have the smarts to avoid duplicate notices.
> I guess it's better to start out with a problem to solve rather than
> with a solution. If the problem to solve is needing branded aggregation
> of Fedora dents in one place, perhaps there is a better / simpler
> solution. Is there a different problem this is meant to solve?
> I guess you could use your Fedora-dentica account to post only stuff
> relevant to Fedora and use your normal account for personal
> stuff?
> ~m
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so, are we following anything on the site for Fedora?

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