Fedora Insight status

Mel Chua mel at redhat.com
Wed Aug 26 23:34:36 UTC 2009

To keep everyone in the loop - here's what's up (see log at end of 
email). As promised, I'll be updating the actual project page to reflect 
status later tonight (must find food first; stomach rumbly) - progress 
is *extremely* rapid right now, so keeping everything in sync will be a 

For future reference for where these discussions will be taking place:

zikula-deployment-related things (modules, packaging, infrastructure, 
theming, etc) will all be on the logistics list.

FI-content/workflow-related-things will all be on the marketing list.

There will be a lot of overlap for the next few weeks, since the modules 
we're working on for deployment heavily affect the workflow we'll be 
using for our content. If you're on both lists, you'll get everything. 
If you're only concerned with zikula deployment and don't care about the 
details of how FI content will function, watch logistics. If you're only 
concerned with FI as a platform for marketing materials and don't care 
about the details of how that platform gets set up, watch marketing.

We might have a few torrents of information on this over the next few 
weeks, as I will be erring on the side of transparency (information on 
what is happening available to everybody all the time). In particular, 
IRC conversations on FI zikula deployment will be summarized (and logged 
when possible) and sent to list - thanks to Rahul for the transparency-poke.

We're moving fast, so things are chaotic. Thanks for keeping up and 
putting up with the construction mud and noise - I am *amazed* at how 
this is progressing. You folks rock.



itbegins> mchua: Work overtook me the last couple of nights - how are we 
doing with Zikula?
<mchua> itbegins: hey! mmcgrath was looking for you in #fedora-admin 
earlier about that, actually.
<mchua> itbegins: he's getting it up on staging for us, but the fasauth 
plugin isn't working - it seemed to work when manually installed (grab 
source from git repo, stick in modules folder) but when the package was 
yum installed.
<itbegins> mchua: Shoot, the package is out of date
<itbegins> mchua: The code changes I made need to be mirrored into the 
<itbegins> I completely forgot
<mchua> itbegins: EvilBob went packager-hunting last night, and was 
successful - Chitlesh packaged at least one of the two modules you were 
looking for.
* mchua looks to see which one.
<mchua> itbegins: zikula-feeds. and mether is going to submit them for 
<mchua> itbegins: afaik, we still need pagemaster packaged and submitted 
and all that.
<itbegins> If we get pagemaster done, we might be able to do this 
properly the first time - I can work on pulling it all together and walk 
mizmo through converting her templates
<itbegins> if we just have feeds, that satisfies mizmo's biggest need 
when she was templating things
<mchua> itbegins: this strikes me as a decent summary of activity in the 
last 24 hours, so I'm going to send the last few lines of this log to 
the marketing and logistics mailing list as a holdover for the better 
project status updates I should be writing tonight.
<itbegins> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=519483
<itbegins> looks like we got both
<mchua> itbegins: WOW. That... awesome. *Both* packages. Wow. *torrent 
of gratitude towards Bob, Chitlesh, and Rahul*
<itbegins> yes, I was impresed to say the least

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