Docs Meeting 2009-08-26 IRC Log

Mel Chua mel at
Thu Aug 27 04:45:22 UTC 2009

> 00:12:49  quaid: yep, zikula theme is all rolling for FI
> 00:13:07  mizmo is in progress on the theme:
> 00:13:17  and Zikula is getting rolled out to staging
> 00:13:35  and things are prepared in the repo (ideally) so she can
> have related Docs theme in there to make a Docs-specific RPM of the
> theme (AIUI)

For the record: we just (literally; the infrastructure ticket just hit 
my inbox) got an svn* repo for Ziklua themes.

(It's empty right now, but will contain one core/default Fedora theme - 
the one Simon put together - and subfolders that are variants on that 
Fedora theme for things like docs, FI, and whatever else we need.)

The commit groups is svnfedora-zikula-theme and right now I am the only 
group admin (though this will change to include Mo and Simon shortly) so 
now you know who to ping if you need access. :)


*why svn? a few reasons: (1) easier to deal with subfolders, (2) Mo 
likes it, (3) lower barrier to entry for designers, who can get 
tortoisesvn and drag and drop and click buttons instead of having to 
learn arcane git syntax and the command line just to contribute to an 
icon. (The eventual goal is to get Design folks to use version control 
for evvvverything as well.)

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