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Toshio Kuratomi a.badger at gmail.com
Fri Aug 28 04:57:58 UTC 2009

On 08/27/2009 09:20 PM, Simon Birtwistle wrote:
>> Is filterutil a library that can be used in any zikula module or is it
>> something that can only be used in pagemaster?  If it's the latter then
>> it can stay in the pagemaster package as it's really just a part of
>> that.  If the former: Is FilterUtil distributed as its own backported
>> module or is each new release a part of the pagemaster release?  If
>> it's only distributed inside the pagemaster module then it's a library
>> provided by pagemaster.  If the latter, it needs to be packaged
>> separately.
> So FilterUtil will become a core Zikula library, available to all.  However,
> in Zikula 1.x (i.e. the deployment we are talking about) FilterUtil is not
> available.  The pagemaster developers have backported it for their uses -
> it's not publically available as a download from anywhere except the Zikula
> SVN.
> No other modules should access the FilterUtil provided by pagemaster - it's
> something they have backported for themselves only.  From what I know of the
> Fedora packaging guidelines in this case there is no need to package
> FilterUtil separately - there will be no external dependencies.
So this is what I just wrote in the review ticket:
The important difference is not whether it's standalone.  The question
is whether it's a separate project.
* It does have a separate subversion repository so that's a point
against it being just a piece of pagemaster. [EDIT: that's here:
https://code.zikula.org/svn/filterutil/trunk ]
* It's been incorporated into zikula-2 but AFAIK pagemaster has not been
incorporated into the core. [EDIT: this shows that pagemaster and
FilterUtil are separate entities]
* Does it get released separately?  I think it doesn't have tarballs so
this is somewhat favorable to it being seen as part of pagemaster.
* Does it get incorporated into other modules?  It looks like it used to
be included in ModuleStudio as well but because ModuleStudio wanted to
be php-4 compatible, it dropped the FilterUtil code:

Anything to add on the other side of the coin?


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