Fwd: Fedora Insight Zikula Instance - please help us find a packager

Simon Birtwistle simon at zikula.org
Fri Aug 28 05:22:20 UTC 2009

> So this is what I just wrote in the review ticket:
> """
> The important difference is not whether it's standalone.  The question
> is whether it's a separate project.
> * It does have a separate subversion repository so that's a point
> against it being just a piece of pagemaster. [EDIT: that's here:
> https://code.zikula.org/svn/filterutil/trunk ]

It was initially developed outside the core, before being included into
Zikula 2.0 (so really, it resides at http://code.zikula.org/svn/core/).

> * It's been incorporated into zikula-2 but AFAIK pagemaster has not
> been incorporated into the core. [EDIT: this shows that pagemaster and
> FilterUtil are separate entities]

Correct, pagemaster is not (and will not ever) be core, they simply need a
library that is not yet available/

> * Does it get released separately?  I think it doesn't have tarballs so
> this is somewhat favorable to it being seen as part of pagemaster.

FilterUtil won't ever be released, it will simply become available with
Zikula 2.0 as part of Zikula's core application framework libraries.

> * Does it get incorporated into other modules?  It looks like it used
> to be included in ModuleStudio as well but because ModuleStudio wanted
> to be php-4 compatible, it dropped the FilterUtil code:
> http://community.zikula.org/module-Forum-viewtopic-topic-54622.htm
> """

It is possible (but unlikely) other modules will use FilterUtil.  As far as
I am aware, there are no modules using it now, and no developments planning
to use it before Zikula 2.0 is released.  ModuleStudio isn't a module - it's
a standalone application used to develop modules - until Zikula 2.0 is
released ModuleStudio won't include FilterUtil as a library.

In short, my opinion is that it's not worth packaging separately, because
the chances of any other modules ever making use of the separate package are
slim (especially as Zikula 2.0 is likely to be released long before use of
the FilterUtil library becomes common).


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