Zikula Hackfest at Fedora 13 FUDCon?

Mel Chua mel at redhat.com
Fri Sep 11 22:08:30 UTC 2009

> Curious if there is any interest in a Zikula hackfest at FUDCon in
> Toronto and if any of the key Zikula people will be there?
> It would seem that we could make a lot of progress in a short amount of
> time by gathering there.

+1 to this - I'd love to see a Zikula hackfest! Would anyone like to 
step up and organize one?

 From the Marketing side, it would be great to get a jump on some of the 
new features (like i18n/tr8n workflow capabilities) targeted for Fedora 
Insight's F13 release, and to figure out how to make what we've all 
learned by deploying Zikula for FI as useful as possible to other groups 
within Fedora.

Some potential target deliverables for a Zikula hackfest:

* A tr8n workflow all set up and ready to go... which we can launch by 
translating the article(s) on FUDCon.
* A "Zikula" entry in 


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