Setting up a weekly zikula test cycle

Mel Chua mel at
Fri Feb 5 19:35:13 UTC 2010

Hi, FWN! (Copying logistics as a FYI.)

We're at the point where we have Fedora Insight (a.k.a. FI, up on staging 
( and ready to have a workflow 
and content put on it. The theme isn't done, nor is the URL schema, but 
everything needed to get content in and through it should be up and 

Our first target for production is to help FWN migrate its workflow from 
ttp:// to - the latter being what 
Pascal and Dale came up with at FUDCON 
( To figure out when 
we're ready to pull the switch, I'd like to propose the following weekly 
test cycle.

1. Every Monday, after FWN is published, we do a little sprint to take 
the just-published FWN content and "republish" it using the FI workflow 
as it's written at that time.

2. If we find a bug in the FWN FI workflow, report it (and FWN can fix 
it before the next sprint). If we find a bug in our zikula deployment, 
report it (and the deployment team will fix it before the next sprint).

3. Repeat.

This way, once we flip the switch, we'll already have several back 
issues of FWN queued up on Insight, and a crew that's familiar with 
using the new software. What we need to be ready for this to happen (I 
think we have most of it already, but would like confirmation):

1. Making sure that the FWN workflow how-to instructions should be so 
clear that anyone can follow them - I will be there and helping, but 
need instructions to tell me what to do. ;)

2. Make sure that any setup (categorization, pagemaster-fu, etc.) needed 
is documented and done on the staging instance - again, this is a "FWN, 
tell us how you are setting up - this is your space!" thing.

3. Figure out who/what-roles from FWN should have what administrative 
privileges in zikula, and make (and hook-in) the appropriate FAS groups 
to make that happen. (I don't think we have done this yet - what would 
you like to do here?)

Thoughts? Does this sound like a good next-step for getting started?



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