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Mel Chua mel at redhat.com
Wed Feb 24 09:05:10 UTC 2010

Frank - the logistics list is where we're coordinating a lot of the 
zikula work right now (since it's so cross-team), so I'm copying them to 
see if there's anything we can do to take a look and help out.

Logistics folks: Frank's been working on getting the Advanced Polls 
module working, but has run into problems - see below. Any thoughts?

Frank: Could you point us towards a ticket (if you've filed one 
somewhere) or a way to get account info for pt16 so we can duplicate 
what you're getting? (Does this happen for other zikula installs, or 
just the pt16 one - what happens if you set zikula up on localhost?)



On 02/21/2010 07:06 PM, Frank Chiulli wrote:
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> From: Eric "Sparks" Christensen<sparks at fedoraproject.org>
> Date: Sun, Feb 21, 2010 at 2:41 PM
> Subject: Re: zikula-module-advanced_polls Help
> To: frankc.fedora at gmail.com
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> On 02/03/2010 11:24 PM, Frank Chiulli wrote:
>> Eric,
>> I'm contacting you because you own zikula-module-advanced_polls.
>> I'm working on Ticket #116.  I've installed the zikula and
>> zikula-module-advanced_polls RPMs on pt16.  I'm having a problem with
>> the Advanced Polls.  I was hoping that you might have a suggestion.
>> Under Advanced Polls, click on the 'New Poll' tab.
>> Clicking on New Poll brings up a Create Poll screen.
>> I filled out the fields and hit 'Create Poll'.  A new page comes up:
>> Page not found
>> We're sorry. The page you requested,
>> /zikula/index.php?module=Advanced%20Polls&type=admin&func=create,
>> doesn't exist on "Fedora Test Site for Polls".
>> Search
>> You can also search this site to find what you are looking for.
>> Additional technical information
>>      * In Advanced Polls module, create function returned.
>> Back
>> I clicked on 'Back'.  The page said 'Poll Created' at top.  If I click
>> on the 'View Polls' tab, the poll that I just created shows up.  If I
>> click on 'Advanced Polls' on the right, a new page displays.  If I
>> click on the new poll, I get a page with the title and
>> description.  However there are no options.  Nor was I ever asked to
>> enter any options.  If I click on the Vote button, I get the
>> following:
>> Error! Could not do what you wanted. Please check your input.
>> I can edit the poll and add the options.  I voted.
>> Any help would be greatly appreciated.  BTW I'm on the West Coast.
>> -Frank
> Frank,
> Sorry for the delay.  I don't have Zikula setup right now so I can't
> really help you out.  Get with mchua and see if she can help you out as
> she is really using Zikula.
> - --Eric
> - --
> - --Eric
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> Mel,
> Can you help?
> Frank

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