Bill Nottingham notting at
Fri Feb 26 19:55:43 UTC 2010

Mike McGrath (mmcgrath at said: 
> I've been wondering if there's something more we can do with
>  I was thinking about adding more information to
> the site without cluttering it up.  We chatted in #fedora-websites for a
> bit and thought about this:
> 2 boxes
> Each box contains 3 "news" items
> Each item would contain a title link, and very brief description
> One box would be for Fedora Project news "Test day tomorrow", "Public
> Fedora Board Meeting"
> One box would be for Fedora OS news "Alpha is out" "Try the new security
> spin", etc.
> We were thinking about adding it along the left side if there's enough
> room.  Some mockups will help identify best locations for sure.
> Any thoughts/comments on it?

Do we have an existing news feed for these sorts of things we can easily
tie in?

(There's an implied 'if not, why not' there, but I doubt I have time
to work on such a thing.)


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