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Sat Feb 27 04:13:45 UTC 2010

On 02/26/2010 10:29 PM, Mel Chua wrote:
>>> ...So given that people would like such a news feed, this would be an
>>> ideal time to help get it up and going. Mel Chua is leading the charge
>>> and could really use a couple extra hands for a few hours.  Mel, is
>>> the current issue ticket queue correct as far as what's still left to
>>> do?
> That's the correct queue for Infrastructure - there are also some
> tickets from FWN, and some tickets in Design. (As a side note, one of
> the big challenges of FI deployment is that it's such a cross-team
> project - making this kind of thing easier for next time is something we
> may want to talk about after the site launches.)
> * FWN: (all in the
> Infrastructure Trac)
> * Infrastructure:
> * Design:
>   >  There is only one blocker, which I am sure will be done this weekend.
>   >  After that a few steps and we should have most of the stuff up and
>   >  running in stg.
> Yep. And the final blocker Hiemanshu refers to is the ticket in Design
> that he's about to close (thank you! I owe you many cookies!)
> As you may have noticed on this list, Pascal Calarco is leading a charge
> this weekend if you're free and would like to help - see
> --Mel
> PS: For a couple days, Karsten Wade will be picking up the ball on stuff
> I'd usually be doing - we swapped projects for a week (I'm working on
> the Summer Coding SIG, he's working on FI, until sometime next week when
> we swap back). So s/Mel/Karsten for a little while - FI's getting his
> sysadmin-fu and Summer Coding's getting my marketing-fu for a couple days.

Awesome, thanks for all this info, Mel!  I think we should be able to 
make great headway on these this weekend, perhaps almost all if we can 
bring over substantially-completed customizations from publictest6 to 
staging.  I just sent out a summary of all of this cross-posted to 
marketing and news to bring folks up to speed with this.

   - pascal

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