FI update: Websites team now stepping up to fix theme package

Mel Chua mel at
Sun Jan 24 16:05:33 UTC 2010

>> Also, are we using ENGINE=MyISAM with good reasons or just because it
>> is the default type in mysql? InnoDB offers, IMO, an improvement:
>> transactions and foreign key constraints ( also row level locking on
>> updates ).
> I have no idea why this has been done, Probably Simon (itbegins) will be
> able to answer you or Mel.
> (Yeah I dint setup the pt6 instance)

I set up the pt6 instance, and chose MyISAM because the zikula sandbox 
instructions said to do it. 
step 7). Paul wrote those instructions and might be able to chime in if 
there's a reason we don't know about.

My guess is that it's just because it is the default. The first-page 
hits on (our 
sandbox instructions among them) say to choose MyISAM, but there's no 
indication of any reason; I can't find any "choose MyISAM or ELSE!" 
documentation after spending 10m looking through the stuff on Copying Simon as a sanity check, but my *guess* is that it 
would be fine to switch to InnoDB.


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