Fedora 14 Schedule Reminder

John Poelstra poelstra at redhat.com
Mon Jul 12 18:10:43 UTC 2010

Start       End         Name
Tue 13-Jul  Tue 13-Jul  Feature Submission Deadline
Tue 13-Jul  Tue 13-Jul  Announce Feature Submission Closed
Tue 13-Jul  Tue 13-Jul  Rawhide Rebase Warning to Package Maintainers
Tue 13-Jul  Tue 13-Jul  File Rawhide Rebase ticket with RHT Eng-ops
Tue 13-Jul  Tue 13-Jul  Custom Spins Submission Deadline
Wed 14-Jul  Wed 14-Jul  Reminder: Alpha Blocker Meeting (f14alpha) #1
Fri 16-Jul  Fri 16-Jul  Alpha Blocker Meeting (f14alpha) #1
Wed 21-Jul  Wed 21-Jul  Reminder: Alpha Blocker Meeting (f14alpha) #2
Fri 23-Jul  Fri 23-Jul  Alpha Blocker Meeting (f14alpha) #2
Mon 26-Jul  Fri 30-Jul  Daily Review & Notification of Open Alpha 
Blocker Bugs
Tue 27-Jul  Tue 27-Jul  Remind Alpha Deadline in 1 week
Tue 27-Jul  Tue 27-Jul  Reflect supported versions in Bugzilla product 
Tue 27-Jul  Tue 27-Jul  Rebase Rawhide bugs to Fedora 14
Tue 27-Jul  Tue 27-Jul  Branch Fedora 14 from Rawhide
Tue 27-Jul  Tue 27-Jul  Announce Feature Freeze Reached
Tue 27-Jul  Tue 27-Jul  Feature Freeze (Testable|Complete)
Tue 27-Jul  Tue 27-Jul  Spins Freeze--All Fedora 14 Spins Identified
Tue 27-Jul  Tue 27-Jul  Remind < 85% complete Feature Owners
Tue 27-Jul  Fri 30-Jul  Finalize Alpha Wallpaper

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