zikula-module-advanced_polls Help

Frank Chiulli frankc.fedora at gmail.com
Fri Jun 4 03:18:15 UTC 2010

I'm working on Fedora Ticket #116.  I've installed the zikula and
zikula-module-advanced_polls RPMs on pt16.  I'm having a problem with
the Advanced Polls.  I was hoping that someone on this list might have
a suggestion.

Under Advanced Polls, click on the 'New Poll' tab.

Clicking on New Poll brings up a Create Poll screen.

I filled out the fields and hit 'Create Poll'.  A new page comes up:
Page not found

We're sorry. The page you requested,
doesn't exist on "Fedora Test Site for Polls".

You can also search this site to find what you are looking for.

Additional technical information

   * In Advanced Polls module, create function returned.



I clicked on 'Back'.  The page said 'Poll Created' at top.  If I click
on the 'View Polls' tab, the poll that I just created shows up.  If I
click on 'Advanced Polls' on the right, a new page displays.  If I
click on the new poll, I get a page with the title and
description.  However there are no options.  Nor was I ever asked to
enter any options.  If I click on the Vote button, I get the
Error! Could not do what you wanted. Please check your input.

I can edit the poll and add the options.  I voted.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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