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Tue Jun 8 07:42:34 UTC 2010

2010/6/7 Drak <drak at zikula.org>:
> Possibly OT, but I saw a ticket relating to EZComments.  We released a new
> version of EZComments 2.0.0.  Can you notify the maintainer please?  It
> would be good if the maintainers can follow out extDB xml/rss feeds, or,
> possibly we can assist the maintainers by autopackaging for Fedora with out
> CI server (http://ci.zikula.org/).  All we need to do is add an XML build
> file to each module project according to the maintainers wishes and it can
> be all sorted out automatically.

For reference, the EZComments ticket in fedora:

Getting us to EZComments 2.0 appears to be the following process
(please excuse my non-coder descriptions, folks, and I may be wrong
about some / all of this):
* Upgrade to another version of php (I'm not clear on all the details
here, but I'm pretty sure this is on the list.)
* Upgrade to zikula 1.2.3
* Upgrade / add in EZComments 2.0 module (this may be part of zikula
1.2.3, I don't know, and can't tell offhand)
* Patch back any changes made over the weekend WRT AuthFAS stuff, etc.
* Copy over our existing settings
* Hope we don't have anything customized that is tied to existing
version of zikula - if we do, then deal with that as well.
* Test, test, test functionality.

I'm guessing that that process would take at least a week - probably
more, particularly given that a number of us are going to be at an
event this Wednesday - Sunday/Monday. Tuesday is our 6/15 deadline for
having a functional version of Fedora Insight up and running.
(Incidentally - I may be entirely overestimating the time for
upgrading.  I don't know if it's possible to throw together something
in the next day or two so that we can test this functionality in 1.2.3
w/EZComments 2.0 on a publictest machine.)

I didn't see any ticket related to this phenomenon in the list of all
tickets, open and closed, for EZComments.  I can file a ticket -
albeit against EZComments 1.6.1. I'm wondering, however, if this is
something that works properly in EZComments 2.0 - either "just works,"
or was a bug that was never documented and is fixed, etc.  I've asked
in the forums for some help / confirmation / verification that this
isn't user error -
http://community.zikula.org/module-Forum-viewtopic-topic-57991.htm -
if it's not user error, I'll file something.

Not to jump the gun on any feedback I might get there - but I expect
we're going to wind up in one of four situations:

1: Someone gloriously tells Robyn that this is an easy configuration tweak.
2: We get confirmation that an upgrade will solve our problems; we
upgrade over the next week, problem is fixed.
3: We upgrade over the next week and find out that this is still an
issue.  We'll need to file a ticket against EZComments 2.0, and wait
for a fix.
4: We get confirmation that an upgrade will not solve our problems,
and we need a fix.  We'll then have to decide if / how long we want to
wait, or if we want to modify our moderation requirements.

I would like to avoid Situation #3 altogether.  I'm not a fan of
asking people to commit time, in an emergency fashion during a
terribly busy week, to a solution that may not solve anything at all.
IMO, we need to get answers that put us in Situations 1 or 2 (or even
4) by, I'd say, Wednesday (Paul, are we moving the FI meeting to back
one day to Wednesday, as some of us are out Thursday?). If we do not
have answers, I suggest we make some decisions on Wednesday.

Decision options include:
* How long will upgrade realistically take - including testing, etc.?
(This is more of a need an answer than decision, but..)
* Assess whether we want to rethink moderation - we could temporarily
not have moderation, and use spam filters, etc.  Or, moderate
-everything-.  If we're willing to make accommodations here, we could
upgrade and then hope it works, if not, plan M (modify moderation).
Basically - is this a blocker?
* Moving out deadline to accompany possibility that we will need a
fix, that upgrades will not be smooth, and give the lot of us on
travel a few days of breathing room.
* Put FI on hold and go back to the drawing board.

In the meantime, I will be keeping my fingers crossed that this is a
configuration error or something that can be confirmed as working in
EZComments 2.0. :D  I'd also add that some experienced eyeballs
looking at the existing configuration settings would be welcomed, to
make sure I'm not insane (this has been known to happen... pretty much


> Regards,
> Drak
> On 7 June 2010 22:09, Paul W. Frields <stickster at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On Sun, Jun 06, 2010 at 11:01:15PM -0300, Mateo TibaPalacios wrote:
>> > Ok
>> > AuthFAS is finally working.
>> > It was an 'invisible' typo with the administrators group ID :-|
>> Glad to hear you found it!
>> > In the other hand, I've compared pt6-capture and there were nothing to
>> > add to the master. I've also removed the theme from fedora-zikula
>> > because fedora-insight-theme is the repository to work in the theme
>> > (it was an old copy anyways).
>> So is the plan to merge the pt6-capture branch in git to the master
>> branch?
>> > In the other hand, I guess that CSS diff is not worth, because the
>> > current theme seems more matured, and old copies are just that: old
>> > stuff, that in CSS can be quite tricky to know what was removed by
>> > convenience or not.
>> Yes, that made it really hard to capture changes with meaningful
>> commits in git. ;-) But were you able to capture these commits from
>> the pt6-capture branch in fedora-zikula, and make them part of the
>> fedora-insight-theme git repo?
>> > About the theme, I would like to know if there's any visual stuff
>> > (designer's thoughts) to enrich the theme a little more.
>> > I'm available to tweak it and make all the fixes/wishes a reality ;-)
>> >
>> > Greetings
>> Hopefully Mo (mizmo), Hiemanshu (gwerra), or some other design-eye
>> folks have some input to give here.
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