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Tue Jun 8 14:48:59 UTC 2010

On Tue, Jun 08, 2010 at 07:02:56PM +0545, Drak wrote:
>    On 8 June 2010 18:25, Paul W. Frields <[1]stickster at gmail.com> wrote:
>      We can check using 'rpm -V zikula'.  I found that other than our
>      /etc/zikula/config.php file (expected differences), there's a change
>      that's been made directly on /usr/share/zikula/includes/ZLanguage.php.
>      I want to remind our Zikula friends that making these changes directly
>      on the system is *discouraged* since we use packaged software from
>      EPEL to deploy Zikula.  This may be a patch that was tested and simply
>      not removed.  If that kind of change is not documented, however, it
>      raises the risk of regressions when we upgrade.
>    Yes, this change is in 1.2.3.  I worked on the bug you were experiencing
>    (symbolic links to zikula install meant ZLanguage was unable to locate the
>    locale files).  This was fix upstream and patched into your local install.
>     We release Zikula 1.2.3 around 5-6 weeks ago with this change.

Excellent.  So we don't need to record this patch and can move on.
Zikula 1.2.3 packages were sent to the testing repository for EL-5, so
I'll grab one and install it to pt6 later today, along with fixing the
EZComments package.

>      We need to realize that some of the things we're dealing with right
>      now -- maintaining the platform and modules, testing functionality --
>      are going to be the same needs regardless of our choice of platform.
>    I'd also like to point out that for reasons I am not quite sure of, FI has
>    taken months and months when it should have taken just a few days - people
>    regularly deploy vastly complex Zikula sites in a matter of days.

Partly this is because many of the people who were working on this
project in the Fedora side are not experienced CMS administrators, nor
PHP developers.  And our requirements to have our customizations and
changes be reproducible through packaging (RPM) and systems management
(puppet) requires an additional set of skills as well.  Add to that
the fact that almost all the people working on the project are
volunteers (and the remaining ones, like myself, are short on
available time) and you have a recipe for a long process! :-)

>    Future upgrades will be quite painless I can assure you, but I
>    would really like to do assist in the packaging process.  I think
>    it would be far better (broken record again), if we put all the
>    RPM building on our CI server, then a large portion of the
>    packaging work would be done.  All that would remain is testing
>    and tweaking.  Since tweaks would be made to the build XML it
>    means future packaging would be even more painless.  Regards,  
>    Drak  

This is a good idea.  We would want to think about how to have that
build process properly complement the requirements of our
Infrastructure team for providing short-term package upgrades in their
special "infrastructure" yum repository, and the requirements that
David Nalley and other zikula RPM maintainers have for keeping things
synchronized in Fedora's overall repositories.  It should be pretty
easy for us to import a specfile and tarball from Zikula and submit
official builds through koji + bodhi.

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