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Wed Jun 9 13:50:32 UTC 2010

On Wed, Jun 09, 2010 at 02:25:09PM +0545, Drak wrote:
>    On 9 June 2010 06:46, Drak <[1]drak at zikula.org> wrote:
>      On 9 June 2010 06:39, David Nalley <[2]david at gnsa.us> wrote:
>        No license means that Copyright is the default - and we need to strip
>        this out of the zikula we ship and are using.
>    EZComments js script has been swapped out with an own solution.  You can
>    re-download
>    here:[3]http://community.zikula.org/module-Extensions-display-ot-component-componentid-42.htm
>    Please re-download the entire package because some templates had to be
>    altered for the new js syntax.
>    Regards,
>    Drak

Just out of curiosity, do third parties often switch tag antecedents
in this way?  Last night if I recall correctly '2.0.0' -> r737, but
today it's r741.  Won't this alter other downstream consumers of that
module?  That's up to the EZComment developers of course, it just
seems like an unusual release management process.

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