Insight meeting recap 2010-06-09

Paul W. Frields stickster at
Wed Jun 9 18:58:36 UTC 2010

Unfortunately, zodbot quit in the middle of our meeting due to the
scheduled maintenance we hadn't taken into account.  But most of the
log appears here:

The only thing missing is at the end where Robyn and I agreed to meet
up at SELF and do a little tech training/knowledge exchange on
Insight, and talk some strategy as well.

Here's the hashmarked items we captured from the log:

#topic Roll call
#info Agenda:

#topic Action item review
#info smooge will have stg.fp.o ready shortly
#info rbergeron FAS testing complete, comments are dependent on resolving EZComments 2.0.0 upgrade
#action stickster to finish EZComments upgrade based on new upstream tag
#action rbergeron to take up general news workflow docs, stickster will ride shotgun too

#topic Current platform status
#info stickster got us upgraded to 1.2.3 and it was relatively painless
#info The RPM and SRPM packages used are in koji, also stickster held onto copies
#info stickster thinks that we need to keep a close eye on a few different upstreams
#action stickster to email list when EZComments is upgraded successfully
#action stickster and rbergeron to gather for an Insight powwow at SELF, consist of some tech insight/training but also some strategery
#info We should be returning to standard Thursday meeting time next week.
#info Email to list will confirm that.

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