News still publishable?

Pascal Calarco pcalarco at
Thu Jun 10 02:33:42 UTC 2010

Okay, one issue that prevents me from republishing FWN to FI, logged in 
as my regular FAS creds.

When I log in now, there is no link to the admin panel.  Could I either 
be added to the admin group or have a link to the admin panel added 
somewhere in the UI?  Thanks!

   - pascal

On 6/9/2010 9:44 PM, Paul W. Frields wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 09, 2010 at 03:29:15PM -0400, Pascal Calarco wrote:
>> On 06/09/2010 02:07 PM, Paul W. Frields wrote:
>>> Pascal Calarco had repeatedly tested FWN content for us on Insight.
>>> Pascal, there's no reason to think anything's changed radically, but
>>> are you prepared to get the most recent copy of FWN up on Insight if
>>> we have it available in the next week or so?
>> Hi Paul and all --
>> Yes, absolutely.  I have been keeping track of how long it takes to
>> republish FWN from the wiki to FI and it takes about 20-30 minutes per
>> issue for the editor, which is nothing, basically.  From this issue
>> forward I can commit to getting FWN in there, and go back several issues
>> where we've had a lapse, as I am done with my major travel for a bit
>> now.  I apologize not being more involved, but time opens up more for me
>> now.  Thanks!
> Pascal, this is great news (ha, "news"!).  I'm not sure there's a need
> to go back several issues, but I'm overjoyed to hear that bringing FWN
> to FI will not be a big hassle.

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