News still publishable?

Simon Birtwistle simon at
Tue Jun 15 19:45:56 UTC 2010

> The other functionality that has disappeared along the way was
> integration of the Xinhua javascript toolbar in the form UI.  Simon had
> put this in place at FUDCon Toronto back in December and it was really
> useful for making things more aesthetically pleasing and consistent for
> headings, bolding and embedded links.  I'll add this as a comment to
> the
> existing ticket.  Thanks!

So it looks like we're missing a bunch of the javascript libraries on PT6.
I can't check in more detail on my current machine, but I'd guess that the
symlink that was in javascript/editors pointing to the installation of xinha
is no longer there (perhaps as part of the upgrade?).

Also, the calendar libraries which control the datepickers in the input form
have also disappeared.  As a result, the popup calendar doesn't pop up any

Would someone with access be able to check whether the javascript directory
on pt6 is intact?

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