Fedora 13 Release Readiness Meeting Recap 2010-05-13

John Poelstra poelstra at redhat.com
Fri May 14 15:51:27 UTC 2010


19:01:01 <poelcat> #startmeeting Fedora 13 Release Readiness Meeting
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19:02:19 <noriko> poelcat: hi, I am here
19:02:23 <poelcat> jlaska: sparks spot stickster mmcgrath mchua_afk 
Oxf13 noriko
19:02:28 <poelcat> noriko: hi
19:02:32 <Oxf13> oh hai
19:02:33 <poelcat> ricky: too
19:02:37 <Oxf13> I knew I was supposed to be here for something
19:02:39 <mmcgrath> hai
19:02:40 * jlaska
19:03:11 * poelcat waits another minute for people to appear
19:03:41 <poelcat> before we start... is there a strong preference with 
folks here as to how close this meeting should be to release day?
19:03:52 <poelcat> in the past we'vd moved it when the release moved
19:04:09 <poelcat> this time i thought it was easier to schedule to just 
keep the meeting day/time static
19:04:17 <poelcat> thoughts/preferences?
19:05:06 * stickster here
19:05:26 * sparks is here
19:05:49 <jlaska> poelcat: I don't have any better suggestions, open to 
keeping the time and we can learn+adjust as needed
19:06:10 * stickster OK with it too.
19:06:37 <noriko> +1
19:06:48 <stickster> There might be something to say for judging 
readiness on the original schedule, as opposed to thinking of everything 
as "extra time"
19:07:26 <poelcat> okay
19:07:31 <poelcat> let's roll
19:07:36 <poelcat> anyone dying to go first?
19:08:01 <poelcat> #topic Documentation
19:08:17 <poelcat> sparks: how are things looking and what do we need to 
19:08:39 <sparks> Things are going really well.
19:09:04 <sparks> The Release Notes have been translated into 8 
languages with three more very close to being complete.
19:09:11 <poelcat> sparks: awesome
19:09:27 <sparks> The guides are out (on docs.fp.o) and have been 
translated into many languages already.
19:09:35 <poelcat> sparks: you're also working the release announcement 
with marketing?
19:09:38 <sparks> Nothing else to report... we are ready for F13!
19:09:43 <sparks> Ummm
19:09:53 <stickster> sparks: I think that we noticed not as many changes 
came in very late in the cycle to Release Notes, and we thought that 
might be due to the way early branching has affected the release
19:09:54 <sparks> I need to follow up on that.
19:10:02 <poelcat> rbergeron: ping
19:10:17 <stickster> poelcat: Marketing has been working on that, and 
Docs got email about the current state
19:10:34 <poelcat> good to hear
19:10:35 <stickster> #link 
19:10:43 <stickster> That's the current text.
19:10:46 <poelcat> any questions/discussion for Documentation team?
19:11:12 * stickster points out for extra love the point above about 
early branching
19:11:36 * poelcat notes love
19:11:36 <stickster> These processes do visibly affect other teams, and 
it seemed to be a very positive way in this case
19:11:42 * jlaska feels the love here
19:11:43 <rbergeron> yes?
19:11:55 <poelcat> rbergeron: can you represent marketing? :)
19:11:59 <rbergeron> sure!
19:12:09 <poelcat> sparks: thanks
19:12:10 * rbergeron reads up
19:12:15 <poelcat> #topic Marketing Team
19:12:24 <poelcat> rbergeron: how are we looking for the final release
19:12:35 <poelcat> anything we need to discuss w/ other teams, etc?
19:13:02 <rbergeron> Very good. We are wrapping up the one-page release 
notes - we'll be sending them over to design as soon as we have some 
last pieces in place (screenshots, etc) that mchua and I are plopping in 
19:13:29 <poelcat> excellent
19:13:38 <rbergeron> Other than that - all our feature profiles are out 
the door, and we're just monitoring news and press as it comes in.
19:13:46 <rbergeron> All good and positive, I might add. :)
19:13:53 <poelcat> great to hear
19:14:05 <poelcat> any questions/discussion for marketing team?
19:14:42 <poelcat> thanks rbergeron
19:14:44 <stickster> rbergeron: Is there any help marketing can use with 
the one-page notes at this point that another team could provide?
19:14:58 <stickster> Oh bother, I just saw your note about design.
19:15:02 * stickster withdraws question
19:15:08 <poelcat> #topic Translation Team
19:15:17 <poelcat> noriko: sounds like you all have been busy
19:15:27 <noriko> poelcat: yup :-))
19:15:27 * stickster stands and applauds LOUDLY
19:15:34 <poelcat> noriko: anything you need to coordinate or let us 
know here?
19:16:00 <noriko> 2 things I like to confirm for the team.
19:16:37 <noriko> 1. according to slip schedule, can we confirm that the 
translation deadline should also get another week?
19:17:30 <noriko> 2. website master-fp POs has got recently updated 
after 10-May, can we have a chance to work on this again?
19:17:31 <Oxf13> deadline for what?
19:17:47 <Oxf13> deadline for any translations in packages would not get 
19:17:52 <sparks> noriko: From the Docs perspective you do have an extra 
week.  We won't push final work to docs.fp.o until the night before.
19:18:14 <stickster> I think that goes for Docs, and for Websites, is 
that right ricky?
19:18:20 <noriko> Oxf13: yup, understood that
19:18:49 <noriko> and yes, for docs and websites.
19:18:49 <stickster> Oops, no ricky perhaps.
19:18:59 <stickster> noriko: I'm almost certain that goes for Websites 
as well.
19:19:23 <noriko> cool, thanks a lot!  else everything going well and busy!
19:19:52 <poelcat> any questions/discussion for translation team?
19:20:24 <jlaska> not here
19:20:30 <poelcat> thanks noriko
19:20:36 <poelcat> anyone from the websites team present?
19:21:24 <poelcat> that looks like a 'no'
19:21:28 <stickster> poelcat: gwerra may be around
19:21:32 <drago01> ricky: ?
19:21:56 <gwerra> poelcat: I am around
19:22:04 <poelcat> #topic Website Team
19:22:18 <poelcat> gwerra: how are things looking for launch day on the 
19:22:42 <gwerra> poelcat: everything seems to be going so far
19:22:56 <gwerra> good**
19:22:57 <stickster> poelcat: I tried pinging sijis as well.
19:23:21 <stickster> I can tell you that all the bannering apears to be 
in place as seen on http://stg.fedoraproject.org/
19:23:36 <stickster> L10n is working on the strings for the get-fedora 
19:23:57 <stickster> and thanks to gwerra, sijis, mizmo for working hard 
on that
19:24:24 <poelcat> any questions/discussion for the web team?
19:24:50 <poelcat> also, anyone here representing design?
19:25:34 <gwerra> poelcat: there ^^
19:26:06 <poelcat> gwerra: you are respresenting the design team too?
19:26:13 <gwerra> poelcat: mizmo is
19:26:35 <mizmo> :)
19:26:38 * sparks needs to run to his next meeting.
19:26:51 <poelcat> ah, sorry, i have all channel messages supressed, 
didn't see join
19:26:59 <poelcat> #topic Design Team
19:27:08 <poelcat> mizmo: how are we looking for Fedora 13 launch?
19:27:26 <mizmo> poelcat, im pretty sure we are all set
19:27:30 <poelcat> anything we need to discuss/coordinate with everyone 
19:27:36 <poelcat> always good to hear
19:28:24 <mizmo> i don't think so
19:28:31 <poelcat> okay, thanks mizmo
19:28:38 <poelcat> #topic Quality
19:28:45 <poelcat> jlaska: how are we doing?
19:28:57 <jlaska> Doing well
19:28:59 <Oxf13> quality.  Have some.
19:29:10 <stickster> It is Job One, after all
19:29:16 <jlaska> #info Testing inprogress on RC3
19:29:19 <jlaska> #link 
19:29:51 <jlaska> installation testing looks solid, thanks to a nice 
push overnight from several contributors
19:30:21 <jlaska> We don't have results on the RC3 desktop matrix yet, 
but we'll look to gather feedback on that soon
19:30:23 <poelcat> great to hear
19:30:46 <jlaska> #info only 1 OPEN issue remains on the blocker list 
19:30:48 <poelcat> final check in is next tuesday's "go/no go" meeting?
19:31:09 <poelcat> wow, that is excellnet
19:31:21 <poelcat> any questions/discussion for QA ?
19:31:31 <jlaska> as discussed during the go/no_go ... that will be 
fixed and pushed into F-12
19:31:33 <Oxf13> the open issue is a preupgrade issue, so not something 
for F13
19:32:12 <jlaska> our next steps ...
19:32:33 <jlaska> #info QA (likely adamw or myself) will begin to 
document the current list of proposed CommonBugs
19:32:55 <jlaska> and of course ... to complete planned testing and 
monitor issues as they come in on test at l.fp.org
19:33:08 <jlaska> that's all I have, questions/comments/concerns/complaints?
19:33:44 <poelcat> jlaska: thanks
19:33:52 <poelcat> #topic Release Engineering
19:34:22 <poelcat> Oxf13: thanks all your hard work and crazy hours! how 
are things?
19:34:40 <Oxf13> fine here.  I'm plowing through all our spins again
19:34:43 <Oxf13> there is a lot of them.
19:34:51 <Oxf13> but everything else seems to be in good shape
19:35:27 <poelcat> any questions/discussion for releng ?
19:35:34 <jlaska> a quick one ...
19:35:38 <Oxf13> shoot
19:35:54 <jlaska> Oxf13: is updating releases.txt something that rel-eng 
handles, or does infrastructure tackle that?
19:36:10 <Oxf13> I don't have an answer for that
19:36:11 * jlaska fired this off to rel-eng@ -- 
19:36:19 <Oxf13> I think infra has done it in the past
19:36:31 <jlaska> Oxf13: I think it's part of the release SOP, I just 
was hoping to confirm what the new content will look like
19:36:31 <Oxf13> releng could be responsible for seeing that it gets 
done though
19:36:39 <jlaska> okay
19:36:43 <Oxf13> I've never even read that file before
19:37:01 <jlaska> it's used by preupgrade, not sure if anything else
19:37:10 <mmcgrath> Oxf13: we'll go over it in the meeting today and 
finalize what the deal is there.
19:37:14 <mmcgrath> I've never messed with it either.
19:37:21 <jlaska> so we'd need to mark F13 as no longer experimental and 
add an F14 branched entry (eventually)
19:37:40 * jlaska sent a proposed patch for changing it ... not sure if 
that's what folks had in mind
19:37:47 <jlaska> Oxf13: thanks, that's all I had
19:38:04 <poelcat> thanks Oxf13
19:38:10 <poelcat> #topic Infrastructure
19:38:17 <poelcat> mmcgrath: how's things?
19:38:19 <stickster> mmcgrath: 
<-- in case it's helpful
19:38:58 <mmcgrath> I see the problem, it's in our SOP just not in the 
ticket prep work.
19:39:00 * mmcgrath will fix that
19:39:19 <mmcgrath> poelcat: things went ok, we've got a few more things 
to do, including mirror space verification but as long ast the release 
is less then 350G I think we'll be ok :)
19:39:34 <poelcat> good to know :)
19:39:37 <mmcgrath> We've run into some interesting problems wrt the 
mirror list recently.
19:39:44 <jlaska> mmcgrath: I'm happy to work up a proposed 
releasees.txt change, if you guys need it
19:39:45 <poelcat> how big are our releases usually?
19:40:15 <Oxf13> usually our releases had ppc/ppc64 so they were nearly 
1/3rd bigger before
19:40:19 <mmcgrath> We've been getting hit unusually hard by amazon. 
This has the potential to impact the release so we've been doing our 
best to identify the primary issues and mitigate and solve them.
19:40:24 <mmcgrath> mega props to mdomsch on that.
19:40:48 <mmcgrath> FWIW, F12 was 118G
19:41:02 <Oxf13> poelcat: which I realize doesn't answer your question, 
but sets the stage to help with info from previous release
19:41:10 <Oxf13> I expect F13 to be under 100G
19:41:33 <poelcat> okay :)
19:41:34 <stickster> Oxf13: You know, I've lost some weight recently too.
19:41:43 <poelcat> any questions/discussion for infrastructure ?
19:41:48 <Oxf13> stickster: lol
19:41:48 <jlaska> quick comment
19:41:50 <mmcgrath> that's really all I've got.
19:42:02 <jlaska> Kudos to infra and rel-eng for serverbeach1 mirroring 
during F-13
19:42:21 <poelcat> jlaska: what did they do?
19:42:22 <mmcgrath> jlaska: has that proved helpful?
19:42:25 <stickster> jlaska: mmcgrath: And for extending our EU hosting 
as well
19:42:39 <Oxf13> sb1 has definitely helped
19:42:40 <jlaska> I think that was a good coordination and was really 
pleased with the outcome.  No issues that I heard/read about problems 
downloading RC content
19:42:50 <mmcgrath> stickster: well that won't quite be ready for the 
release but shortly after.  It just didn't make it in time for the 
change freeze.
19:42:55 <jlaska> so nice work folks, much appreciated!
19:42:58 <Oxf13> it has more bandwidth to serve users, and leaves 
secondary1 under much less load when I need to upload new images.
19:43:32 <jlaska> mmcgrath: very helpful, danke :)
19:43:52 * mmcgrath is all done.
19:43:59 <stickster> Oxf13: That explains why it was so fast when I was 
testing with you the other night
19:44:09 <poelcat> good old fashioned collaboration for the win! :)
19:44:15 <poelcat> anyone from Ambassadors present?
19:44:17 <stickster> I hadn't recalled getting that kind of b/w before
19:44:21 <poelcat> ke4qqq: ?
19:45:13 * Southern_Gentlem
19:45:24 <Southern_Gentlem> as far as I know we are go
19:45:35 <poelcat> #topic Ambassadors
19:45:48 <poelcat> Southern_Gentlem: how are things looking for launch 
day and how can we help?
19:46:16 <Southern_Gentlem> other than no more slips everything appears 
to be fine as  for release parties and such
19:46:25 <stickster> Southern_Gentlem: How are we on media art, are we 
production ready for discs at this point?
19:47:00 <Southern_Gentlem> stickster,  that is handled by herlo and i 
have not heard of any problems
19:47:25 <stickster> OK, I can check in with him
19:49:04 <poelcat> thanks Southern_Gentlem
19:49:13 <poelcat> any questions/discussion with Ambassadors?
19:50:01 <poelcat> any closing comments/discussion from any of the other 
dignitaries: FPL, FESCo, etc?
19:51:05 <poelcat> alrighty.. thanks everyone for your time
19:51:16 <stickster> I'm good
19:51:26 <poelcat> and awesome job to everyone on the end game for 
Fedora 13 even though we came up a little shorter than we wanted to
19:51:26 <noriko> thank you poelcat and all
19:51:29 <stickster> Thanks everyone for your amazing commitment to this 
19:51:51 * poelcat still in awe of closing out 67 blocker bugs in a week
19:51:56 <poelcat> okay that's all
19:52:05 <poelcat> #endmeeting

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