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Mon May 24 20:14:14 UTC 2010

On Tue, May 25, 2010 at 12:44:55AM +0545, Drak wrote:
>    2010/5/24 Toshio Kuratomi <[1]a.badger at gmail.com>
>      (And hopefully the smarty packager would add the vendor patch to our
>      smarty package).
>      For me the best medium for this is bugzilla -- but it could be that
>      communicating the needs to the zikula maintainer and letting him open
>      the
>      bugzilla ticket to the smarty/php/etc maintainers is the best
>      workflow...
>      What does ke4qq think?
>    I think ya'll jumping the gun.  I was just asking a 'what-if' question.

Nope, I think we're all on the same page here.  We were giving answers
to a hypothetical.  I don't think anyone's expecting a bunch of patch
requests to come rolling in! :-) But it's good for us to have some
idea of whether anything like that might be expected in the future so
the maintainers in question are prepared and ready to help.

>     We simply do not allow forking or patching of vendor libraries, we never
>    have done it - however, there have been a few instances where there was a
>    patch applied upstream and we have included the upstream patch which was
>    due to be released in a future version but not done so yet.  I was just
>    asking in view of your strict rules.
>    Anyway, we have decided to start tracking vendors anyhow in our distro so
>    that maintainers have an easier task overall anyhow.  Let me know if there
>    is anything else that would be useful for packagers.
>    [2]http://code.zikula.org/core/browser/branches/zikula-1.3/src/docs/VENDORS
>    Ok, so who are our packagers for Zikula - is there a way to find out from
>    a wiki or something?
>    Drak

That's ke4qqq (David Nalley), to whom Toshio referred earlier.  He was
asking for David's opinion on how he would want to deal with this
situation if it happened.

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