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Tue Nov 9 15:45:42 UTC 2010

Interesting conversation on #fedora-mktg and I wanted it to be seen by
others who are working or considering working with us on
Drupal/Insight.  The first bit concerns the PHP requirement for Feeds:

<asrob> stickster: btw I tested Feeds module last week, it runs very
well with PHP 5.2
<stickster> asrob: So is the requirement in error then?
 asrob: Might be worth emailing the maintainers to see whether they
 can describe exactly what the requirement is for -- if we don't use a
 specific feature, for example, we could simply proceed
<asrob> stickster: I solved it
<stickster> asrob: Can you describe this on the list please?

Peter, can you give us some more information about what you solved
here and in what situations we might still need an upgraded PHP (if at

* * *

The next bit concerns how Feeds works against content to create nodes
in Drupal:

<asrob> stickster: yeah, but there is a problem with Feeds, it creates
nodes from the imported things
 stickster: imho we don't want to this
<stickster> asrob: I think we want to avoid that, correct
 Oh wait
 asrob: Actually, in specific situations we may *want* to create nodes
 In other words, we want to be able to take a copy of a posted blog
 entry on the Planet that is a very good post or piece of news.
 Then we can promote it on Insight, without having all of the posts
 from the Planet listed.
<asrob> hm
<stickster> Maybe making a node in that case is actually desirable
<asrob> okay, I will see what can I do
<asrob> stickster: a solution, we import news into the moderation
queue of drupal and the moderators review these things <-- what think
about of this?
<asrob> ahh
<asrob> stickster: what do you think about this? ^^
<stickster> asrob: That could work -- it matches the workflow I was
thinking of
 In other words, it looks something like this:
 1. Someone on the Marketing team sees a good post on Planet that
 should be promoted
 2. Visit Insight/Drupal to import or approve/promot post
 3. Post appears in a recent community news area
<asrob> ah, I see, this is very helpful information

Basically, in the next phase we'd like Insight to hold more community
created material.  We want to be able to promote existing material
that comes to the Planet.  Insight is meant for a broader audience
than people who are Fedora contributors.  Not everything on the Planet
is worth carrying on Insight, but specific posts -- like team
bounties, special announcements about test days or release events,
etc. -- would be worth promoting on this site.  That way they would
reach tech writers, journalists, the general public, and so on.

Peter, are you interested in working further on this functionality?

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