Drupal provides addition?

Jon Ciesla limb at jcomserv.net
Mon Nov 15 14:36:12 UTC 2010

Paul W. Frields wrote:
> IIRC, the suggestion that Toshio had wisely made, to resolve the core
> package naming and module package naming issue, was that the drupal
> package in Fedora (which is named 'drupal' and is version 6.x) include
> a virtual Provides:
> Provides:  drupal6 = %{version}-%{release}
> Jon Ciesla, could you add this and roll it into a package update in
> Fedora?  I'm sure any number of us could test it for you since it's
> not even a functional change, getting it into stable quickly.
> Then people who are packaging D6 modules could simply add this to
> their spec files:
> Requires: drupal6 >= 6.0
> And the same spec files will work continuously throughout Fedora and
> EPEL.  (Toshio can correct me if I got his suggestion wrong, in which
> case I apologize yet again for being dense about this.)
Would this then obviate the need for the renaming of the whole stack, or 
complement it?

Sorry for a delay.


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