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Fri Nov 19 19:52:45 UTC 2010

Hi Peter --

Is there a way that we could do this without writing a custom module?  I am just thinking that we're not very far into this project and we're already looking at having to write a custom module?  From the perspective of long term maintainability, it would be best if we could keep custom code down to what absolutely can't be done within standard modules.

Can we consume data from Data+Feeds using CCK/Views instead?

Just some thoughts.  Thanks for all your contributions to FI on Drupal so far, Peter!

  - pascal

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Well this is a summary email about how do we publish the imported
content with Feeds and custom module.
At first let's see the Managing News' function. As we know this a
complete drupal distro. It includes the Feeds and the Data modules as
These modules are good basis for Insight because we don't need other
modules like Openlayers, MN Channels etc. So I will use Feeds and Data
module because we will import the content from other source. This
imported content will be added into "cache" ("cache" = custom database
tables which comes from Data module ).
I am going to write a custom module which will publish those imported
content onto frontpage for example. I think this is probably good
solution, but if you have a question or solution, any comments, don't
hesitate to ask.

Peter Borsa
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