Insight meeting reminder -- 2010-02-03 UTC 1900

Paul W. Frields stickster at
Wed Feb 2 21:37:57 UTC 2011

We'll meet in #fedora-meeting at the usual time, 1900 UTC (2pm US
Eastern, 11am US Pacific) to talk about Insight.  We'll look at how
the migration of data has gone for Peter and Andrea, and what is
needed still for staging.

Notable stuff:

* We are now on with a
  EL-6 host, meaning we've been able to install several modules that
  were needed that depended on newer versions available there.

* Peter's imported the View for Fedora Weekly News and it appears to
  be working well.

* The theme's rough but is installed.  I know Jef van Schendel is
  working on this as his time allows.  Should we see if the Design
  team might like to include this as a future ninja bounty?

* Smooge was preparing a Puppet profile for Insight so that it will be
  easier to re-deploy.  Smooge, if you can't attend tomorrow maybe you
  could post a status?

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