Planet Edited and Fedora Insight?

Pascal Calarco pcalarco at
Fri Feb 11 18:57:39 UTC 2011

Andrea, this is a great initiative!  I immediately thought that perhaps for Fedora Insight we could use Planet Edited as the source to draw feeds from.  Are there any downsides to this?

  - pascal

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Subject: Planet Edited is UP!

Hi folks,

I'm glad to announce that Planet Edited is up!

Here some bits from the wiki page available at [1]:

"Planet Edited was born having one idea in mind: setting up
a blog aggregator software that should contain only Fedora-related material and posts.
The adjective edited came from the fact that this planet will be maintained and edited
by a group of people (the editors), that will make sure appropriate and relevant content
gets posted."

Edited is now available at the following URL [2]. It obviously contain no feeds at the
moment, but we are now ready to make it rock by adding some fresh new content.

Thanks in advance and see you on Edited!



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