Willing to help Fedora Insight project

Danny Stieben dmaxel at fedoraproject.org
Mon Feb 14 03:07:01 UTC 2011

Hello Logistics people :)

I just wanted to announce that I'm willing to help out the Fedora
Insight project however I can. I'm ready to have someone assign me a
task (or however you guys do it).

Some skills I can give:
* Translation to German
* Help with Drupal (I actually have Joomla experience, but I assume I
could apply some concepts to Drupal)
* Design/Graphics
* Author for Articles

I'm also a student, so I have a pretty full schedule and therefore
cannot guarantee timely contributions, but I'll make sure to provide my
fair share.

Danny Stieben
Fedora Ambassador | Design | Docs | Marketing | Translation
dmaxel at fedoraproject.org

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