Fedora Activity Day at Indiana Linux Festival March 25-27, 2011

Pascal Calarco pcalarco at nd.edu
Thu Feb 17 15:02:59 UTC 2011

Hi Fedora Community Team and Fedora Insight Logistics folk--

I have been working on preparation for the Indiana Linux Fest at the end of March, in Indianapolis.  I'm excited that we have great response, with at least six people from the Fedora community expected to attend!

I would like your input and thoughts in regard to the Fedora Activity Day we would like to have at ILF.

Initially, I was thinking that we would have a FAD around Fedora Insight.  This would dovetail nicely with the DrupalCon that is being held at ILF on Sunday, March 27 after the main conference day on Saturday.  I have confirmed with the conference organizers that we can have room either on Friday, March 25 or Sunday, March 27 for the FAD.  Great!

The thing I am worried about is the fact that I am perhaps going to be the only person on-site who is involved with Fedora Insight right now, and so am rethinking the benefit of having a FAD around that when everyone else will be remote.  

So, I wanted all of your feedback on another possibility: have a FAD around The Open Source Way.

At FUDCon Tempe, I talked to Mark Terranova at some length on this project, kind of as a follow up to Karsten's interest in perhaps having a hackathon on TOSW at Tempe, but events transpired such that he wasn't able to join us there.

I think a FAD around TOSW would have broader interest and draw those in from outside the Fedora Project, and we could either run this on the Friday or on Sunday.  Mark intends to attend ILF as an Ambassador, and so I wanted to throw this out to the Community Architecture team to see if any of Karsten/Mel/Max/Paul/Jared intent to be at ILF and if any of you think we'd get more value out of a TOSW FAD than a Fedora Insight FAD.

Comments and feedback very welcome!  Thanks!

  - pascal

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