Resetting expectations: Fedora Infrastructure Changes

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Fri Feb 18 14:04:52 UTC 2011

On Thu, Feb 17, 2011 at 08:56:41PM -0700, Stephen John Smoogen wrote:
> In order to prune stuff, I have looked at the following:
>    1. Do we currently have experts inside of the project working on
> the software to make it better.
>    2. Is there someone doing this better than we can do on our own
> using the same criteria we use (FLOSS software, open development,
> etc).
>    3. Is keeping it in-house pulling away from core Fedora services
> and tasks we would like to accomplish.
>    4. There is nothing wrong with paying others who do great stuff
> with FLOSS software especially when paying supports those projects.
> Now usually after a post like this occurs, we get a bunch of
> volunteers who will say "We can take this over." I am asking people
> not to do this, because frankly volunteering under pressure usually
> means leaving when the pressure is gone. We have gone this route
> several times before, and its not something I think is sustainable.
> We will look for volunteers who can replant the services, document
> them, build out a staging and production service and train OTHER
> volunteers on them so that any replacement service has a chance of
> lasting.

Tremendously thoughtful and insightful post, Smooge.  This is
something all the folks on the Insight team should be thinking about
as we progress.  The system we're creating is *not* something that can
be installed and then left to someone else to take care of.  Each of
us bears a responsibility to continue helping with its maintenance,
possibly for a few years.  The more dedicated people (meaning, people
who care about Insight and want to make it great) we bring to our team
to help, the easier that job becomes.

Thanks, Smooge, for putting this in such understandable terms, and for
helping us get more involved in the infrastructure work for Insight.

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