Other Insight dependencies

Paul W. Frields stickster at gmail.com
Thu Jan 27 22:03:57 UTC 2011

As we discussed earlier, we also have a dependency on EL-6.  We need
a newer PHP for Job_scheduler and Feeds modules, which EL-6 carries.
(You can actually get php53 on EL-5, but the problem is that the
'drupal6' package is built against a requirement of 'php' and so you
can't just swap this in.

Smooge, you were doing a puppet definition for this box, so we'd be
able to move to EL-6 more easily, IIRC.  I know you're on the way to
FUDCon Tempe right now.  Can we get you to hack on that on Sunday?

That way, we could make our milestone for Sunday a completely
"duplicatable" (is that a word?) system on EL-6, including all
customizations done by me, asrob, and everyone else documented and
installable -- with the exception of remaining modules under review,
of which there are only a couple at this pont.

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