[Ambassadors] EVENT: Indiana Linux Fest, budget finalized

Pascal Calarco pcalarco at nd.edu
Fri Mar 4 23:39:22 UTC 2011

Hi Dave, John and Larry and all--

Thanks for pointing out these particulars and the link to the cost coverage; I'd hadn't seen this before.

Nick noted that he plans to rent a car from his location, so indeed I just had this in the budget as an estimate.  With others driving in personal cars, we'll keep gas receipts.

I am glad Ben is able to come; he's a seasoned booth veteran for many shows, and is very familiar with the EventBox and setup logistics, more so than anyone else attending, I think.  Ben has also expressed interest in attending DrupalCon, and getting involved in contributing to Fedora Insight in some capacity, which is great, since most of the FI team right now is physically in Europe and LATAM.

We're able to bring together three Indiana Fedora Ambassadors for this event, which will help build up capacity & capability for future Indiana Fedora presence events.

Finally, I had the pleasure to meet Mark Terranova at FUDCon Tempe and I appreciated his infectious enthusiasm for FLOSS and mentoring of an ASU student attendee during the conference; he emailed me directly indicating he would love to help with ILF.   

Overall, Fedora will have a strong presence at ILF, which will pay dividends with the expected large Indiana University/IUPUI student attendees at the event and other attendees from the greater Ohio Valley region.

I really appreciate all the help and encouragement that Larry, John and others have provided, and while this is the first Event I've been the owner for, I feel I'm learning a lot that I'll be able to contribute back in organizing other events that the Fedora Project will have a presence at in the future!
Yours in Fedora,

  - pascal
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On Fri, Mar 4, 2011 at 3:36 PM, David Nalley <david at gnsa.us> wrote:
> Speaking only for myself, I see a few issues with the budget as proposed.
> First - we don't reimburse mileage - see
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Sponsoring_event_attendees#Cost_coverage
>  the big issue there is receipts. Saying $randomcontributor drove 500
> miles to attend $foocon is hard for Max and his minions to submit as a
> verifiable expense.

I'm going to assume in this context mileage really meant an estimate
of actual fuel  costs. It is a good point and folks need to always
remember they need good RECEIPTS for any reimbursable expense.

> Second - while I am not inherently opposed to flying people across the
> country to attend an event, I think little is in the budget that shows
> what the return on investment is to Fedora for doing so. Don't get me
> wrong, Markdude and SouthernGentleman are excellent contributors, but
> I am unsure what they bring to the table that the other 4 attendees
> don't bring (and they represent ~50% of the money). If the only thing
> we are doing there is manning a booth, it at least makes me want to
> look a little closer.

And I think here we see a little inexperience with the event
organization process. There are good reasons for both Mark and Ben to
attend and I would encourage Pascal to add them to the wiki so
everyone can see WHY we are funding travel for people from long
distance. I'd be happy to share why I think both bring value to the
event here, there, or on IRC but I'm not the organizer and I think he
should express his thinking.

Given that vagueness I do have reasons and do support funding both
Mark and Ben in this case.

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