[Insight] Apologies

Paul Frields stickster at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 00:29:28 UTC 2011


I'm sorry I wasn't around when we agreed. I didn't remember until
tonight that I had to take my daughter to her piano lesson, so I
wasn't available online from 23 UTC until now. I saw your note in IRC:

<averi> [19:27] stickster_afk,
http://publictest03.fedoraproject.org/drupal/ is up and running, looks
like puppet did his work in the best way. Mysqld was missing on pt03
so i had to add it manually, password is into /root. I think we're all
set, importing the db we have on pt09 should be the last thing to go
before going live. Ah, and we should add the insight's theme package
into puppet's includes. (that's missing)
<averi> [19:30] going to sleep now, see you tomorrow. Feel free to do
any relevant change,  and if you want to try importing the sql db it
would be great. (just login into mysql as root and delete the insight
db, remove the settings.php and we start from scratch again)

Thanks for the info -- although I'm not going to be at the keyboard
much longer I may try my hand at this. I have a few other things I
need to finish first. I'm sure I'll catch you on IRC tomorrow.

I'm sending this to the list as well so people know things are moving
ahead well, thanks to your great work.


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