[Insight] progress

Andrea Veri av at gnome.org
Fri Mar 18 19:44:42 UTC 2011

Il giorno 18/mar/2011, alle ore 11.56, Paul Frields ha scritto:

> Just in case it didn't come through in IRC... I finished the following:
> * Got the new drupal6-authfas upstream fixed, and new packages built
> and pushed to testing (0.2.3-1). They're also installed now on both
> publictest03 and publictest09.
> * Fixed the problem in the theme package, rerolled the package, and
> got Kevin Fenzi to help get it into the infrastructure repo. It's now
> installed on publictes03 as well. (it's not on pt09 because that's
> where we want to see any theme changes before we package them.)
> I'll be offline until lunchtime today (EDT), on a short out of town trip.

After testing a bit our puppet istance, we ended up in having everything
working. As you can see from [1], we reproduced what we had on pt09 [2]
using the same puppet setup.

I think the next step is just waiting for smooge to set up our production box
and go into the wild!


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