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Paul Frields stickster at
Thu Mar 31 11:49:21 UTC 2011

On Wed, Mar 30, 2011 at 8:33 AM, Andrea Veri <averi at> wrote:
> Il giorno 30/mar/2011, alle ore 14.10, Paul W. Frields ha scritto:
>> We already have a puppet module (drupal6) for this, and averi and I
>> have tested it several times.  All that's required, as I recall, is to
>> make sure epel's testing repo is enabled (since I think there are a
>> couple things not yet in stable), copy over the database, and possibly
>> correct the hostname within, although I think the update.php script
>> may take care of that.
>> I've also put a proxy config file in the puppet repo, which needs to
>> be tested -- another reason why we've been so eager to get this next
>> stage underway.
>> There is a username and password still required to go into the private
>> passwords.pp that will go in the drupal settings.php file.  I'll send
>> you (and Seth for good measure) that information via GPG email.
>> Andrea, am I forgetting anything else we had to do when we staged this
>> last time?
> As Paul said, we've been testing our puppet configuration several times
> now and we are sure it is ready for production. The only four missing things
> to do manually were:
> 1. exporting the 'drupal' db from pt09's mysql to the production server.
> (root password is into /root)
> 2. installing the feed module, which is not (yet?) packaged. It is just
> a matter of wgetting the tar.gz and extracting it into the correct dir.
> 3. putting the db details into the settings.php file, but Paul took care
> of having it done and should send all the details for the private repo
> to both you and Seth.
> 4. be sure that epel / epel-testing repos are enabled in the production
> box, this is really important since several packages are not into stable yet.
> We will just have to login using our FAS logins and that's all :)
>>> We are going into the beta freeze on next Tuesday. This means no
>>> changes ot the frontend proxy servers and such until it is done.. so
>>> getting the production server will either happen this week or middle
>>> of April.
>> We want to do whatever's necessary to bring it up *this week* -- we've
>> been eagerly awaiting the ability to go to the next stage. :-) Please
>> ping me and averi this morning so we can help out!
> Definitely +1, we *need* to have it up and running within this week. I'll come
> home this evening (it's 2:32 pm here, GMT+2) and I'll be available for anything else you might
> need, Stephen.
> Gonna ping you in IRC as soon as I login :)

Just bringing the logistics@ list up to speed. Andrea, Smooge and I
were all working on Insight yesterday and we're almost up to the real
staging host. Today we need to figure out why some of the automation
didn't take properly as expected from puppet, but we should get that
licked pretty quickly.  More updates shortly!


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